8,9 & 10 August 2024

KragDag is the proud organizers of the Mega-T Expo

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Thank you for visiting the Mega-T website

We extend our sincere gratitude to you for your support of Mega-T as an exhibitor. Your dedication has played a pivotal role in advancing our mutual mission to elevate and empower the road freight and trucking sector in southern Africa.

After careful consideration and consultation with stakeholders and especially the Road Freight Association, as our main partner at the Mega-T expo, KragDag, as the organizers of the Mega-T Expo, have reached the decision to merge Mega-T with KragDag.

KragDag represents a beacon of innovation and empowerment, born out of the energy crisis in South Africa in 2007. Since its inception, KragDag has transformed into a platform that celebrates creativity, technology and self-sufficiency across various spheres of life. The expo embodies the ethos of “Do your own thing!” inspiring families and companies to forge sustainable and liberated lifestyles and encompassing diverse self-reliance solutions.

From its modest beginnings, the expo has grown consistently, with the most recent 14th annual event held on 9-12 August 2023, showcasing 600 exhibitors and attracting 36 000 attendees, brought together by the shared vision of a state proofed alternative to the destructive and centralized ideological driven failing state economy.

The next KragDag expo takes place on 8-10 August 2024 and is an Afrikaans event, comprising of households as well as corporate decision makers, that stimulates doing business within a pleasurable atmosphere.

The incorporation of Mega-T into the KragDag Vervoer Sub-Expo preserves the fundamental essence and objectives of its predecessor. It however offers companies within the transportation sector with unparalleled visibility and networking opportunities. Serving as a vital node, the expo in it’s goals remains committed to addressing pressing issues such as personnel management, safety hazards, infrastructure challenges and economic sustainability.

We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter, where the fusion of Mega-T and KragDag promises to ignite positive change and propel the transport industry towards a brighter future.

Have a look at the KragDag Prospectus and our different exhibiting packages that can be tailored to your needs.

We eagerly anticipate your presence at the KragDag Vervoer Sub-Expo.